Certified Reporting Remote Services

Certified Remote Services: Remote depositions – Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

“Face-to-Face” Remote Deposition Options – Easy and Secure

Certified Virtual Video Conferencing

Certified Mobile Videoconferencing enables deponents, clients, subject matter experts and co-counsel to join you in a deposition, mediation, arbitration or client meeting. All you need is high speed internet access and a camera enabled device such as a computer, phone or tablet. Exhibits can be introduced via email, upload or sharing via screen sharing.

Secure connections include:

  • Encrypted audio, video and chat, on request;
  • All remote depositions are private – we do not make these events public in any way;
  • Unique deposition Meeting ID provided – we never use the same Meeting ID (URL) twice;
  • Password-protected – each attendee automatically receives an invite with the unique Meeting ID and unique password.
    Once deposition is underway, the meeting can be locked on request;
  • URL provided only to your stated attendees and is given to them directly.

Certified StreamON

Certified StreamON is a secure cloud-based software that, in one page, allows you to:

Deposition Streaming

  • Be face-to-face with your deponent;
  • View the transcript of your deposition as it is being recorded;
  • Search for keywords and annotate your transcript in realtime;
  • Introduce, stamp, and mark the transcript of the testimony in realtime;
  • Introduce exhibits alongside the deponent video via a secure webpage.




Verbatim Language Solutions

Verbatim Language Solutions is a premier provider of interpreter, translation and transcription services. Our team of language experts, average 25 years of experience include: Certified and/or Registered State Court interpreters; Certified and/or Registered U.S. Federal Court interpreters; and ATA Certified Translators. More information can be found here.

ALL of this can be done VIRTUALLY—easily and secure.

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