Reporter Video: High tech videography solution for FREE!

Have you ever wished you could afford to videotape your depositions, but were put off by the costs involved? Now you can take advantage of the added impact of video transcripts at your next deposition.

Certified Reporting Services will cover all your Video Capture Costs at your next deposition. 

Certified Reporting’s exclusive videography solution, Reporter Video, saves lawyers and their firms hundreds of dollars during video depositions because no videographer is needed! However “Seeing is Believing!”

We invite you to try Reporter Video at your next deposition, and for FREE! We will eliminate all video capture costs and can provide you with a high quality synchronized video transcript with all the benefits of traditional videography without the extra costs! All you pay is $45 dollars per video hour to synchronize the transcripts.*

Most importantly, after being reviewed by counsel, ReporterVideo testimony meets all the legal requirements for being admissible in court under the California Code of Civil Procedure.

We have used the RV-Transcript at a number of our trials now and have been extremely impressed with it’s overall quality. It is cost effective and easy to use and has certainly made a difference in the overall presentation of our cases.” Peter Hirsig, McNamara Law


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