Judge Pearlman MCLE was a Huge Success!

Our Elimination of Bias MCLE last Friday February 22nd with Judge Lise Pearlman was a huge success. Over 20 Contra Costa County lawyers attended to hear Judge Pearlman review the greatest trials of the 20th Century and their impact on the ever evolving elimination of  bias in our court systems. Lucky participants got to play roles in jury selection from the Huey Newton trial.

Extremely educational and entertaining, the MCLE Elimination of Bias event reminds us that it wasn’t long ago that segregation, the struggle for civil rights, and the right for women to vote (and hold positions of power), were huge issues (and they continue to be!).  Certified Reporting is proud to show case such an important topic that is rarely spoken about.

A wonderful Luncheon catered by Jean Swan accompanied Judge Pearlman’s presentation and was enjoyed by all.
Pearlman MCLE

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