Managing your deposition business through disruption, COVID-19 Update

March 16, 2020

Our Dear Clients,

During these unsettling times, I would like to possibly set your minds at ease as we navigate these unchartered waters together with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I wanted to reach out to you personally to assure you that the Certified Reporting Services team has made the appropriate adjustments to meet your needs and maintain consistency during these challenging times. We are fully operational. Our firm has embraced a flexible workplace and culture for years, and we are well-prepared to serve you. Whether you need deposition or translation assistance face-to-face or remotely, we are here for you.

We’ve received several questions about our services that accommodate the parties, reporter and witness remotely. Following is an outline of options for taking a deposition remotely. Our secure, proven technology will allow you to replicate the in-person experience as much as possible while working remotely. We will continue to provide 24/7 access to your transcripts, exhibits and other files via our secure online portal. Services offered are:

• Deposition Streaming – Live streaming of the deposition over a secure connection so you can converse face-to-face with the deponent, see the transcript as it transpires (real-time) and introduce your exhibits electronically.

• Mobile Video Conferencing for Proceedings – Secure online video connection for speaking person-to-person with the deponent. Can be recorded when requested in advance–although not the quality of traditional videography. Exhibits can be shared or sent using chat or email.

• Telephonic – Speak with the deponent and other parties by phone only via a secure, dedicated conference line.

We know change is difficult but whatever your needs are, we are confident our team can assist you. We truly think of our clients as family and will go the extra mile for you. Call us at 888.747.9674 or email

Thank you for trusting us for all your deposition needs. We will get through this together.

All the best from your Certified Reporting Family,

Mason Farmani, CEO | Managing Partner
Certified Reporting Services

For up to the minute information on dates and times for one of our 50-minute webinars, more information can be found here.


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